Birthday Celebration for our lovely Mum

Hello everyone, so ya It's almost 4 a.m. and I haven't sleep yet. R.I.P myself in the morning.. So yeah, Have I told you about the celebration? Well I guess not.. So ya.. We have done a birthday surprise for our lovely Madam Salbiah.. Mastermind? You know who..hahahah...
Well, I don't know guys, for me everyone must be appreciated.. That's why I will celebrate any occasion that relates to someone that I love.. Who knows, what we have done will make they remembered us for years right?
So, let's share some photos before I mumbling more..

Well, I guess I will upload it later since it's not working.. So yaa.. That's it, we must appreciate everyone who come into our life even for seconds.. Well well well.. You know what, I've won myself a LCD Pointer which I really insisted to give it to my former physics lecturer, Sir Adib and it turns out I've won it.. I'm so happy that I can give the presents towards him because I know that he will like it.. Guess what, he thanked me and pray for my life.. I couldn't be grateful more than that.. Seriously, it is the happiest moment for me.. How I wish someone will do for me a birthday surprise, birthday prank... It just a dream will never fulfilled.. Pheww.. That's why I always remind myself to appreciate person whom I love, even though I know that they won't do the same thing towards me.. But, yeah sometimes, I want to feel how to be surprised, I want to feel how to be prank.. Never mind, it just a wish :")

Oh ya, how's my study right now? Alhamdulillah, all went well and according to His plans.. However, I need to work harder on Biology.. Physics much better because the calculation is pretty simple than Semester 1 so yeah, I think it is easy... Oh guys, I'll update these soon. Gotta sleep early because I want to wake up early tomorrow. Adios!

Semester 2, New Whole Chapter

Hello guys,
Here I am after 3 weeks of being quiet... ehehehhehehe
Well... I just can't imagine that I finally finished my 1st Semester y'alls!
Well guess what.. I've got my results for 1st Semester also...And.....

My Pointer is 3.24 GUYSSSSS!!!!

Okay, I'm sure that All of you like... What? Just 3.24 and you are happy as hell... Well, you don't know guys how much I struggled for 2 subjects I hated the most when I was in secondary school and handling 2 subjects I started to hate.. That is just a troublesome somehow... I want to show the slip but somehow... I left it at my hostel so yeah whatever.. I'll Just share the Grades..

PSPM 1 2017/2018

Biology - B+
Chemistry -  B+
Mathematics - B+
Physics - B
English - C
Pendidikan Islam - A
Kemahiran Dinamika - A

Pointer - 3.24
Status  - Lulus dan Sambung Pengajian

Well PLEASE IGNORE THE ENGLISH PART...Cause only ONE succeed to get A in my class... Anjana... That's because we did our Mock MUET nastily and yeah that's it... Imagine hahaha my classmates get 4.0 but they get C for English HAHAHAHA how funny is that... Yeah, so, don't play around with your mock MUET ya guys...

*Bear with the shame of getting C in English, the first time in my life.*

So yeah... There must a lot of factors on why I didn't get 4.0 of course...
Second is my study style... Well, I bet most of us don't know how their study style was.... and yeah I just found mine WOHOOOOOO... Took years just to find mine... 
I will share mine with you...

Farah Wahidah's Study Style πŸ‘―
 1. Prepare for the next day lesson.. (If tutorial, do some excercises from the tutorial book and if lecture, try to read and for maths, try some questions before lecture) 
 2. After class finished, 4 p.m. just take a nap before Asar prayer and go take a walk after your Asar prayer... (Help you to refresh your mind)
3.  Drink A lot of water for sure to prevent you sleepy in the class... And EAT Breakfast, or else you will feel hungry until lunch T.T just like me..
4. Perform Solat Tahajud before your Solat Subuh... It just takes a while, guys... 
5. Don't put yourself under excessive pressure and tension

*So yeah some happy faces after the result*

Seriously guys, after taking the results... I saw a lot of people reactions... There are people who cried, shouted and yeah also go back to the room... You know what.. I learned something... Not everyone can be grateful for what they got ... And I'm very grateful that I can accept the results... Actually, there is a lot of things to share with you, but somehow... The blog doesn't allow me to post tonight... So, I'll update or make a new entry later about my feelings on that day... Adios!


Hello everybody...
Missing me? Hahahaha
Well, I have been busy these weeks... Like seriously so busy...meh ahahahaha
Well, I just finished my PSPM.. How? urmmm okaylah at least I can answer them right 😢
Well, what is past is past so.. Let's throwback some memories here πŸ‘―

Well, we have our last party with girls before our physics exam hahaha okay it's not really a party but just to celebrate Danisha's birthday..
So here they are..

Oh yaa.. There is something to tell you... Well it is quite funny because I'm being too bold but hey I changed a person into a good shape πŸ˜†

Okay, remember my chemistry lecturer? Yaa the one is very shy with us but he is a kind person actually... So ya.. before exam we seek forgiveness from our lecturer but We are actually just four of us but okay lah wakil meh...So, then we travel all around the cubicle seeing all our lecturers (Farid, Qurr, Adila and I)... So, well actually I joined them late but they didn't see anyone yet so.. It is not considered me late right AHAHAHHH
Then, they send a sticky note to him to seek forgiveness since he wasn't there. But then, he whatsapped us..

Ada yang nak jumpa saya ke?
And they were like weyh nak jawab apa....
Jawablah nak jumpa adehhh.. Je veux ne comprend pas  πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Then, he said okay.. 5 min lagi saya datang..
Okay then, bila nampak dia kat pintu masuk and I was like.. weyh sir weyh..
Lepas tu semua sorok kat bahagian cubicle bio AHAHAHAHHAHAHA
Dah kenapa? Seriously It was very funny.. And then, He saw me like.. WEYHH YOU GUYSSS.. YOUR CAMOUFLAGE IS A FAILURE AHAHHAHAHA

LOLOLOLOLOL Oh yaa before that, I also stuck a sticky note on his desk... It sounded like this...

Sir, Maafkan segala kesilapan kami dan halalkan semua ilmu yang sir dah bagi... Kami nak jumpa sir tapi sir takda.. Terima kasih sir.. Sir senyum selalu baru cute sir! 
Okay sebenarnya tak ingat, but well lebih kuranglah... AND THEN WE MET HIM..AHAHAHAHHAHA... Guess what, HE SMILED All around... Shoooo cute thoooooo... AHAHAHAHHAHA....

Okay Actually, I continue this story after holidays end but hey you all still having your holidays right ahaha.. So yea, for that story that's all but... I will share some pictures, to sum up my 1st Semester....

*Idol all of the time!!!*

*2 Deskmates that always on my right side* 

* With Iwan ft. her neighbour and her madu? *

*New Trio*

*I can't stop loving this picture*

*With Sir Adib, our coach, physics lecture and Ustaz aahaha*

*With lovely Madam Salbiah*

That's All for Semester 1.......
Farah Wahidah 

In a blink of an eye

Hello guys..
Without I realized, my first semester is

going to end 😭😭😭😭 I can't believe this πŸ’” Because probably we will change our tutor and lecture lecturer .. Haish so sad..  I am the person who is hard to move on y'all 😭.. However, I'll make sure that I won't make them dissapointed.. I love them so much as their effort to teach us very inspiring and amusing 😍
Oh, I will share with you a story....
You know that I am terribly hate Chemistry right.. Yes.. But it totally change when I did something maybe touched the bottom of heart of my lecturer...

The story is like this..
Well at first, my lecturer is very hard to smile and even give us a hard time to understand it.. Well however, days by days, he changed the way he usually taught us.. That was somehow inspire me how big efforts he put just to ensure that we are happy to learn with him.. Yaaa but in classπŸ˜‘, he never asked me to answer tutorial questions in front of class like seriously.. I was in front of him waiting for him to invite me to answer in front but never.. He kept asking the same person.. Okay fine.. I was a little bit offended but it's okay .. Not just me who felt that...

Well, I started to accept him as he is a good lecturer actually, it just that I needed time to observe people personality and knowing them.. and one day, he was observed by other lecturer and we needed to fill in the forms.. *ala you know that kind kita bagi 1 to 5 scale*
So, I was like terribly sorry for him since my classmates was not preparing themselves for the topic (minor of them)... So, as usual.. I commented full-hearted on the paper..

So, I said, You have shown a big effort to teach us and make the Chemistry is fun to learn

Sebenarnya, nak je I say thank you there tapi yalah kan formal... Then, a magical moment for me is when HE CALLED MY NAME FOR THE 1ST TIME 😍😍😍😍😍

Finally, he knows that I am exist in the class.. So, he asked me to answer the question in tutorial book and made him clueless.. Yess.. It was like.. I am not that dumb, it just I want people to at least know my name.. So, the next day he keeps asking, Farah taknak cuba? Okay farah buat..
I feel like very happy you know..
Now, that I know that everyone want to be appreciated.. If I had knew it earlier.. Maybe, I can change him a lot but however he is great right now.. We love him so much ❤❤❤❤❤

*There he is, the only one our fav Chem Lecturer 😍❤*

*Hehehe nilah Sir Kean I mentioned last post hehehehe*

*Fath takdeeee*

*Miss ija, the real lecturer for mathematics haha*

*Madam Rosnah, our Kemahiran Dinamika lecturer*

*Our mom, Madam Salbiah ❤❤❤*

*Last but not least our dad πŸ˜‚, Sir Adib*

So, I would like to say goodluck to 1.3.1 #kelaspalingperform #kelaspalingkecoh #kelaspalinglastminute πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love y'alls and Good Luck in Pre PSPM and PSPM.. Let's beat the rest yow

Person who wants attention and heart

Life Getting Tougher

*yeap that was me in KMS*

Hello world, Yes it has been so long since my first post... I am so busy as hell until I can't even doing anything fun but yaaa THIS IS ONLY FOR ONE YEAR!!! BE PATIENT DEAR ME!! GAMBATTE KUDASAI!! I literally so tired of my chemistry and physics.. Why it's getting tougher *Cry* 😒😭😭😭😭😭😭 
Kay, just ignored about that.. But I'm grateful having such nice classmates πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
They are so kind and understanding especially the SBP-ians (That spirit of being SBP-ians never end) hahaha.. And guess what I have one Special friend named Iwan.. Not boy.. It is a girl hahaha... Her name is Iwanina but she kept asked us to call her Iwan so ya..Okay then.. What the most touchable is....she lends me her second phone because my mobile phone is going to hell... She is so kind and exactly my soul mate..plup plup HAHAHHAHA πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

*Me learning Maths HAHAHHA*

Ohhh the best part is, my mathematics lecture is Sir Kean πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
He is so kind, adorable, cute and teaching like patiently like I almost died hahahha... Like he is my ideal lecturer!!! hahaha.. Besides, other lecturers of mine are so kind and yes they are very motivative.. I love them so much...
Oh maybe because I easily love teachers before this.. Yaa maybe, I couldn't say that I am trying so hard to become special in front of them by getting A in their subjects.. Goodluck me yeay!

I will update the pictures if I am dilligent HAHAHHAHA so adios

Maths Lover HAHAA

Destined to be in KMS

Hello guys ☺☺☺
It has been a month right that I didn't update this blog? YAAA I'm so tired af with the preparation for my pre-university..oh yaa as I mentioned KMS in the Title.. Yessa.. I'm hello to my neighbour, BASIS and banting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Well, well, well yaa I'm not the person who easily MOVE ON..hahahha But, its' fun thooo.. All my new friends are GREAT!!! Even the male friends are..It was like a magical moment when you can easily be friend to your new classmates..awhhh seriously they are fun πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Ohhhh There are a lot of pictures to share toooo....

*In my room ahaks*

*Langit Banting also good whatttt*

*This is when we were playing the electrostatic charge with my classmate, yeay!!*

*Surau As-Suffi a.k.a Masjid also*

* Physics Lect fanssss haha*

*Basically Basisians favs*

*My Classmate, ohh there are a few of them isn't there*

*Tak move on dengan Banting clique*

*Yeay girlsss*

*My roommatesπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™*

*Iftar with the study gangs...skema! haha*

*As I said langit Banting cantik also HAHAHA*

*Fellow lecture mates*

*Nampak tak yang handsome of my rival when it comes to come early to the class*

*Yeayy classmates*

So, BASISIANS, KMS isn't awful as you thought okay... It doesn't matter where you continue your studies in the future.. It's about your strength and determination... I am blessed with these friends.. They taught me something new in life which I can't get it anywhere I have been. It's so easy to fall in love isn't? So cherios!
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